Malnutrition causes and treatment

Economic Causes Of Malnutrition


It is human fuel and the engine of the body, and due to its great importance in human physical life
And its impact on the course of its growth, and the benefits of food do not stop at this point only, but also affect it
On his mental activity and behavior and his psychological, physical and moral condition, and therefore the body
Healthy food is linked to healthy food.

What Is Malnutrition?

It is a nutritional imbalance, which is the body's failure to obtain the necessary nutritional values
 Whether by negligence or overeating, as the person with malnutrition
He suffers from problems in height and weight, either with increase or decrease, as it happens to him
 An imbalance in the body mass curve, which also has an imbalance in calorie intake
thermal according to the activity it performs.

Malnutrition causes and treatment

First - wrong eating habits

There are people who are used to eating haphazardly, irregularly, and unbalanced
 In terms of values, nor in terms of the amount of food they eat, most people
 Don't care about nutritional balance and not being keen on integration between vegetables and fruits
 Proteins and bad eating habits that a person follows, which are among the causes
Exposure to malnutrition:

- Failure to collect three meals a day, breakfast, lunch and dinner

- Give up eating fruits, and replace them with manufactured juices and soft drinks

Get used to not eating vegetables unless they are fried

- Refusing Egyptian food at home, and replacing it with fast food

- Non-participation of family food, and eating in front of the TV

Eat sweets, sugars, chips and crackers a lot

Drinking drinks or water while eating

Drink tea or coffee after eating.

 Second - symptoms of malnutrition

1- The emergence of malnutrition in a visible way

This means the occurrence of certain nutritional diseases with distinctive symptoms of vitamin deficiencies

And calcium, which leads to osteoporosis and may cause vitamin deficiency

It also leads to thinness and severe weight loss, which results in anemia

 Eating causes a group of vitamins to rise above the required limit, which causes problems

 And disorders in thyroid secretions and high calories or an increase is not

 Natural fats stored in the body that cause obesity

And joint diseases, cholesterol, sugar and other diseases that indicate a bad balance

diet, which is reflected significantly on the physical and health aspects of the individual, and who

Another manifestation by which a malnourished person can be identified is pallor

 The face and the appearance of dark circles under the eyes and chapped lips

And changing hair color and tendencies redness and rapid fatigue.

2- The emergence of malnutrition in a hidden way

It appears in the form of general weakness, inability to work strong, focus and understanding, low level of cognitive and academic achievement, lack of sleep, insomnia, especially in children, and inability to respond to life in general. Nutrition scientists confirm that there is a close relationship between what a person eats and activity. physical and mental activities, so that their ability to remember, comprehend, and concentrate decreases.

Prevention of malnutrition

 Obtaining the necessary nutrients by following a healthy diet is of great importance that benefits all parts of the body.
This healthy system helps it to perform its various functions and also helps it protect cells from environmental damage and repair damaged ones, as protein helps rebuild injured tissues. It enhances the functioning of the immune system, while carbohydrates and fats provide the energy needed for the body, and vitamins and minerals are involved in various body processes, for example, vitamin B in its various forms works to extract energy from food, and both phosphorus and calcium maintain bone strength, prevent fragility and maintain their health In addition to sodium and potassium, which help the body transmit nerve signals, vitamin C and vitamin A also work

  In addition to antioxidants against different toxins.

Components of a healthy diet
That includes a variety of vegetables, incl

Dark green vegetables and red vegetables

And orange, in addition to starchy vegetables and the rest and others, and that the system contains fruits, especially whole fruits

 It also contains grains, provided that it is

 At least half of it is whole grain

It should contain a variety of protein products, including lean meat, poultry, eggs, legumes, seafood, and nuts.

Reducing the amount of unhealthy drinks such as soft drinks, alcohol and soft drinks

 Doing physical activity at least three times a week

Eat foods, grains and nuts rich in calories

It should contain low-fat or non-fat dairy products

 It also contains healthy fats

Abstain and reduce some harmful foods and nutrients

Added sugars should not exceed 10% of the total daily calories.

The consumption of saturated fats should not exceed 10% of the total daily calories.
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