Harmful Effects Of Soda Drinks On Human Body - You Will Be SHOCKED

The harm of soft drinks, beware of them.
5 reasons why soft drinks are bad for your health.

The harm of soft drinks

Soda quenches your thirst and gives you that wonderful feeling in just a few bites, because it tastes really good. People consume more than they should. Have you heard that soft drinks can contribute to health problems for your body?

Many medical experts have proven its harmful effects for many years now. You may feel stunned, but here are the facts that prove that soda is bad for your health.

1. Soda causes tooth decay

The harm of soft drinks

The effects of soft drinks


Soft drinks can cause tooth decay. There are greater risks if consumed regularly, as almost all soft drinks are highly concentrated in the simple carbohydrates sucrose, glucose and fructose.

 The presence of oral bacteria in the mouth leads to the fermentation of carbohydrates that turn into acid, so if they remain in contact with the surfaces of your teeth, these acids cause the enamel to soften due to the loss of minerals. As a result, tooth decay occurs.

 Children are more susceptible to tooth decay.

2. Soda increases your risk of lifestyle diseases

The harm of soft drinks

The use of sugar-sweetened beverages is linked to lifestyle disorders, such as obesity, heart disease, and diabetes. Soft drinks can be a major factor in weight gain. One can of Coke contains 150 calories. The main sweetener in soda is high fructose corn syrup, which contains 42% glucose and 55% fructose.

Fructose is mainly processed in the liver, and is not regulated by insulin. When too much fructose enters the liver, it cannot be processed soon enough to be used as sugar for the body. Instead, it is converted into fat, which travels into the bloodstream as triglycerides. If there are high concentrations of triglycerides, there is a high risk of having a stroke.

3. Soda causes anxiety and disturbed sleep

The harm of soft drinks

Caffeine stimulates the central nervous system and produces certain side effects if higher doses are taken. A can of soda actually contains 40 mg of caffeine, and if taken in excess, it will affect the body's natural physiological mechanisms leading to anxiety, sleep disturbance, irritability, and insomnia.

4. Soft drinks worsen pre-existing diseases

Diabetes is often caused by a very unhealthy diet, especially with a lot of soda. The glycemic index is a measurement used to check the effect of foods on blood sugar levels. Soft drinks have a glycemic index of 65 which is significantly high. When it is consumed, it rapidly increases blood sugar levels. Insulin, a hormone produced in the pancreas, controls the blood supply of glucose. Continuous intake of sugar can weaken the pancreas and it may fail to produce insulin, causing harmful effects to the body leading to type 2 diabetes.

5. Soda has a low nutritional value

Soft drinks do not provide the essential nutrients the body needs. They contain ingredients made mostly of artificial sweeteners that cause obesity, diabetes, and hormonal imbalances.

Soft drinks really quench your thirst and satisfy your sugar cravings. However, frequent soda has a price, and your health will pay for it. Water is still the best liquid to drink; Even without a distinct taste, it does a perfectly good job of replenishing your body with fluids and electrolytes that you couldn't give a sip of your favorite soda. 

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