Benefits of drinking water

Benefits of drinking water

 Water constitutes about 71% of the planet Earth, where the human body consists of 60% of water.

Benefits of drinking water

In fact, the body is constantly losing a lot of fluids from water, through Sweating or urinating mainly, and drinking water is necessary for the kidneys and for the performance of various body functions, It is also worth noting that men's bodies contain a large percentage of water more than men found in women, and it is preferable to increase the drinking of water while exercising or being in the Areas with high temperatures to avoid dehydration, as for what the human body needs from water.

Daily requirement of water

Benefits of drinking water

There are many opinions saying that drinking water is equivalent to eight glasses, or two liters of water  On a continuous daily basis, it is enough to cover a person with what he needs of water, but many studies And different opinions We can say that a person's need for water differs from one person to another And this is true, depending on the activities and other factors that he performs, and this depends On the human need and desire to drink water.

Benefits of drinking water

Benefits of drinking water

 The body, including its cells and organs, needs water to perform its functions properly and healthily.

 Here are some of the benefits that water gives to the body Helping to balance body fluids:

This is done through the brain, as the brain can control the proportions of water in the body.

The brain, through the posterior part of the pituitary gland, controls the release of water or impounds it Through the kidneys, for example, when you feel thirsty, the brain sends a signal to the kidneys to work To withhold water or get rid of it, and at the same time stimulate the feeling of thirst  Man realizes obtaining water either directly or through liquids. 

Maintaining brain health:

 It has been shown that human exposure to dehydration is simple, equivalent to 1-3% of water

 Existing in the body negatively affects a person's mood in addition to that effect Negative in his memory and mental and cognitive ability.

Reduces joint pain:

Where the cartilages in the joints and the spine contain 80% of

Water in the event of dehydration is less than the ability of the joints to absorb shocks To joint pain in the long run.

Water constitutes 90% of the components of the blood, as the blood transports oxygen to all parts of the body.

It is included in the formation of saliva and mucus:

Where saliva works to digest food and also maintains moisturizing of the nose, eyes and mouth, thus reducing friction and damage as it maintains oral hygiene.

Reduces digestive problems:

 Where drinking water is important and necessary for the intestines to complete their work properly, and in the case of Dehydration causes many digestive problems, including increased acidity in the stomach  Which can also lead to stomach ulcers and may cause constipation It is one of the common conditions known as infrequent and difficult bowel movements. 

Elimination of body waste: Drinking water is necessary in the process of sweating and excreting urine.

Maintain blood pressure:

 In the event of a lack of water in the body, it leads to an increase in blood density, and thus increases blood pressure.

Improves athletic performance during exercise:

Water consumption enhances athletic performance in high-intensity activities Dehydration reduces athletic performance, which lasts more than half an hour.

Helps lose weight:

 Consuming water as a substitute for liquids and juices may help in losing weight.

 Studies have shown that drinking water half an hour before meals increases the risk of heartburn Feeling full and thus reduces calories entering the body, studies have shown Drinking half a liter of water stimulates the metabolism by 24-30% Cold water is a way in which the body uses high energy to increase the temperature of the water

 to equal body temperature.

Helps prevent headaches:

Where dehydration can cause headaches and also migraine when

Some people, as a study of 20 people proved that water does not affect The recurrence of headaches, but reduces the duration and severity of their occurrence.

Preserving the freshness of the skin:

       Consuming adequate amounts of water keeps the skin hydrated and promotes Collagen production, which works on the freshness of the skin.

Factors affecting a person's need for water

Benefits of drinking water

In some special cases, a person needs to make some adjustments to the amount of water he drinks, we mention the following:

Exercising: This is due to sweating as a result of exercise

      In such cases, which leads to the human need to drink water to compensate for what was lost.

· Some health problems: the body loses quantities of water in the event of diarrhea Or vomiting or fever, then the injured person must drink more water to compensate The fluid lost.

Pregnancy and lactation: Pregnant and breastfeeding women need an adequate amount of water To maintain body hydration to prevent any dehydration.

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