Royal Jelly

 Royal jelly , or as it is known as honey bee milk, which is White in color, royal jelly is a gelatinous substance produced by honey bees to feed the queen bee and her young. Royal jelly is used as nutritional supplements sold in pharmacies in the form of tablets called (Royal Jelly).

forever royal jelly benefits

Royal Jelly

forever royal jelly benefits for female

It differs according to the place in which it is grown, and it is worth noting that this food has been used as a medicine in some health conditions, and in the same context it was used alongside other plants in alternative medicine.

 Effective in reducing menopausal symptoms.

Benefits of royal jelly

Royal jelly can be taken orally, or used topically on some areas of the body, scalp and skin.

Reducing menopausal symptoms

Helps reduce symptoms associated with menopause, and helps to feel comfortable, This is according to a study in which products containing royal jelly and pollen were taken Orally for 12 months, on the other hand, its topical use in the vagina helps To reduce the risk of sexual problems during this stage is similar to the effect Giving estrogen vaginally, although estrogen is better of royal jelly when using these with the aim of reducing the risk of vaginal infections.

For the treatment of diabetics

 Some studies show its positive role in diabetic patients in improving the rate of sugar.

And insulin levels in the blood, if taken twice a day orally, and over a period of 8 weeks, But it did not have the same effect, according to other studies, although it ranged Its doses are between 1-3 doses per day, and during the same period of time.

Treating diabetic foot ulcers

Early research indicates its adjunctive role in treating diabetic foot ulcers After purifying it, and using one of the ointments that contain it objectively Along with panthenol for a period not exceeding 6 months, but other research has indicated To its ineffectiveness in the case of using one in the same way.

Lowering cholesterol levels

Studies have proven the extent to which royal jelly affects the reduction of cholesterol levels for those who suffer from high cholesterol if taken orally.

 Increased fertility for both sexes

Increases the rate of pregnancy in couples, especially among those who suffer from some fertility problems As a result of the lack of sperm movement, and this is according to what was indicated by the studies.

It reduces the symptoms associated with the menstrual cycle, if one of the products is taken They contain it orally, along with pollen and its extracts.

 Nutritional value of royal jelly

Royal jelly contains a variety of nutrients.

Its water content exceeds more than half, ranging from 60%-70% On the protein side, which is about 12%-15%, while the percentage of fat is estimated at 3%-6%.

The rest of the proportions are divided into sugar, vitamins, salts and amino acids. 100 grams of royal jelly contains the following nutritional values:

Royal Jelly

Calories 160 calories

  Fat 3.2 grams

 sugars 10.40 grams

 Sodium 40 mg

Side effects of royal jelly

royal jelly side effects estrogen 

Some should avoid eating royal jelly, such as a pregnant woman, in order to prevent harm to her fetus, and the same applies to breastfeeding women, those with asthma or allergies, and cases of low blood pressure, and those who suffer from skin infections and side effects that require a doctor’s intervention when they appear.

Such as

 Swelling of the throat and difficulty breathing.

 Colon bleeding.

 Stomach pain in addition to the presence of blood in the stool.

 Swelling of the lips, tongue and face.

 And if it is used on the scalp, some effects may appear, such as an itchy rash in this area.

 It is forbidden to eat royal jelly with people who take warfarin

  Concurrently with this type of medication, to avoid an increased risk of bleeding or bruising.

Tips for using royal jelly

 The multiplicity of available forms of royal jelly, in there are liquid, pills, and supplements,

It is recommended that they not take these different types at the same time to avoid the risk of overdose

There are some tips that you should pay attention to when using and storing food

bee queens to avoid some of the damage associated with this,

Among the most important tips:

1. It is recommended to follow the doctor's recommendations when using it, or from the guiding labels for the purpose of following the recommendations Code on it, and to avoid any possible misfortune

 2. You must eat the recommended quantities and avoid using doses that exceed the required limit

3. It is recommended not to take compensatory doses if one of them is missed

4. It is advised to avoid taking it if the person is getting some other types of herbal and nutritional supplements such as fish oil, as it may increase the risk of hypoglycemia.

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