Effect of vitamin D deficiency on hair loss.

Deficiency Of Vitamin D Cause Hair Loss

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 Many people suffer from the problem of hair loss, although the loss of 100 hairs from the scalp per day is considered normal and harmless, but it may increase from this rate sometimes for dangerous reasons.

 One of the symptoms of vitamin D deficiency in the body is hair loss, as it is considered a nutritional element. Important and essential for the health of the body, skin, muscles, bones and hair, and its deficiency may cause many health problems, including hair loss, as vitamin D plays a very important pivotal role in the formation of new hair follicles, and this means an increase in the number of hair that grows, which makes it more dense in addition to preventing hair loss.

 For hair that already exists, taking the recommended amounts of vitamin D helps to stimulate the growth of hair cells and rebuild it, and research has proven that a deficiency in vitamin D levels in the body leads to many hair problems such as hair loss and alopecia areata, and we will talk in this article about How to treat vitamin D deficiency and foods rich in it to prevent hair loss.

Sources of vitamin D from milk, fish, sun exposure and cheese

Treating vitamin D deficiency

low vitamin d cause hair loss

Vitamin D Cause Hair Loss

Vitamin D deficiency in the body can be treated in several ways, some of which are as follows:

Take nutritional supplements of vitamin D: As the food sources that contain vitamin D are limited and do not exist in large quantities, and therefore it is difficult to obtain the recommended amount from food alone, so taking the recommended amount of the nutritional supplement is a good solution to compensate for the deficiency in The body, and it should be noted that there are two types of nutritional supplements that contain vitamin D, namely vitamin D2 and vitamin D3, and it represents vitamin D3 that is taken from fish and also produced by the human body when it performs the photosynthesis of the sun, and it is considered less toxic when taken in large quantities compared to vitamin D2 It is also considered the strongest.

Take a vitamin D2 supplement: Although vitamin D3 is stronger than vitamin D2, it is recommended to take vitamin D2 if the person is a vegetarian, because it is produced industrially from mold, i.e. from a plant source, because vitamin D3 is derived from animal sources. 

Exposure to sunlight: Sunlight is a very rich source of vitamin D, so exposing the body to it helps to treat vitamin D deficiency. Enough of it by exposure to sunlight for a period of 10-20 minutes twice every three days, and it is also possible to stay for a minute or two several times each week, taking into account the application of sunscreen on the face only in addition to avoiding showering for a full hour after exposure to the sun.

Eating foods fortified with vitamin D: With the increase in awareness of the many benefits that vitamin D provides to the human body in general and hair in particular, many companies have added vitamin D to the food products they manufacture, which are not usually a good source of this vitamin. For this reason, it is recommended to read food products. On the product to ensure that it has been fortified with vitamin D, breakfast cereals and milk are among the most fortified products with this vitamin.

Reducing caffeine intake: Studies have shown that caffeine can interfere with vitamin D receptors in the body, thus reducing the ability to absorb vitamin D, which can also affect calcium levels in the body as vitamin D is It helps to stimulate the body to absorb calcium well, and for this reason it is advised not to waste products that contain caffeine in large quantities, such as tea and soft drinks that contain caffeine. It is also advised not to take vitamin D in the morning with coffee or tea, but rather delay Eat it for lunch or dinner.

Note: It is recommended to follow all the previous methods with each other from sunlight, food, and nutritional supplements, as food is the best source of nutritional supplements, but it did not produce the desired result alone, as the sun is the only one that can provide the body with enough vitamin D, but at the same time It should not be exposed to it too much, to prevent the occurrence of cancer.

Foods rich in Vitamin D

vitamin d stopped my hair loss

In fact, there are not many food sources that are famous for containing large amounts of vitamin D, but there are some canned foods and drinks that are well fortified with it, and these are the sources and materials rich in vitamin D.

Fish like: salmon, tuna, herring.

 Whole milk.

Mushrooms such as: white mushrooms, and shiitake mushrooms.

Tofa cheese: It is made from soy milk.

 Cheese such as: goat cheese.




 Orange juice.



Bovine liver.




 Soy milk. 

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